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PSYMETRY™ is a video game developed by an individual instead of a corporation. This means that it is a labor of love from a fan of old-school classic FPS action games made specifically for fellow fans of classic FPS games. It is going to be a fast action, brutal and trippy First-Person Shooter game with maze levels and tons of secret areas, weapons and more.

With your help, I will strive to bring back the glory of classic FPS games to the modern era. The more support I get the better able I will be to add and implement quality content and features such as improved weapons and monsters as well as Deathmatch and coop multiplayer support. Your contributions will have a direct impact on the quality of the final game so please donate generously. Making a high quality game like this is expensive and requires a lot of labor and time. With your support I will be able to contract out tasks and speed up development so we can all play it together sooner.

With Gratitude,


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